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My Assement of the Russian BBs from the WGfest Pics

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First off, I'm just going to say right off the bat that this is just based on what we see from the pictures and it's basically just me talking out my buttocks and seeing what everyone's opinions or hopes for the Russian BB line will be. I'm also cutting my typical snark about RU BBs just giving an honest guess at what we may be getting. That said, let's do this.

General Observations: Base on what I can tell (though this could be due to camera angles, a lack of reference in seeing ship like this, etc.) the Russian battleships seem almost stubby. Just based on how the ships look, I would guess that we will see high HP values, likely high armor values, and moderate speed, quite a departure from how most Russian ship tend to emphasize speed (though that doesn't stop them from adding armor in illogical fashion ala Khabarovsk). And given that gunnery tends to be a "specialty" of the Russian tech tree, we can probably assume they'll be hard-hitting and accurate.

Tier III Knyaz Suvorov: It's layout reminds me of the Kaiser so she may be pretty good. Not real sure of the gun size, but 12" is probably a good guess. If the secondaries are like those on the Nikolai, they're probably nothing notable.

Tier IV Gangut: Basically a nerf'd Nikolai or Oct Rev (which she actually is before the Reds gave her a snazzy paint job) either way you slice it.

Tier V Pyotr Velikiy: First thing I thought was that AA seemed to be a priority given all the machine guns on the turrets. I'm guessing she's been given 14" guns. Forward-facing secondaries could indicate that they are a notable enough feature of the ship to warrant a glance.

Tier VI Izmail: AA definitely seems to be a trait of the RU BBs, the secondaries may be worth something. I doubt they'll use the 12" the design calls for unless they buff the RoF.

Tier VII Sinop: AA and secondaries seem to have declined. I'd guess the guns to be at 14" or 15".

Tier VIII Vladivostok: Little identifiable AA, secondaries mainly towards the rear. Guns are probably 15" at max given that they don't look quite like what we see next. Overall, probably your standard AB-X Fast Battleship.

Tier IX Sovetsky Soyuz: The only design that I really know anything about. Little in the way of secondaries, 16" guns, probably HP on par with the Musashi/Yamato.

Tier VIII (Prem) Lenin: A Nelson-esque design but might only have 15" guns. Seems to have a decent secondary suite.

Whelp what do you guys think, am I on to something in my assessments or do you think I sniffed too much glue in preschool?

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AA I'm thinking is gonna be more on the average side. Really, I have a feeling the main threats to RUBB will be CV and DD, due to average AA and what I am expecting to be the worst maneuverability out of BB in the game.

Izmail was designed for 4x3 14 inch guns, not 12 inch guns. I think your thinking of imperatritsa mariya

Sinop (black sea fleet dreadnought 1917) was 3x3 16 inch guns

Vladivostok is one of the KB-4 Type A 1936 designs, armed with 3x3 16 inch guns

As for armor, tier III-VI will be less well armored on the belt, depends on what they do with plating though. From Sinop up you'll see 375-420mm belts (sinop is 275mm + 100mm) and very high health pools from tier V or VI up.

The real question is if they'll be brawlers or snipers


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