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Potato saves the day!

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I'm not posting this to be braggadocious. If anyone wants to leave negative comments to that effect then I'm like, ...meh, water off a duck's back. I'm posting this for three reasons: 

  1.  Potatoes take heart; getting bad mouthed on the forum, or in chat, doesn't define you. You can still make a difference. (This is not to imply that all WoWS vets are guilty of this. I think the majority are not.)
  2.  This is a good example of how ridiculous it is to blame your loses on MM for putting you on a losing "potato" team and dragging your WR into the toilet. Players at all levels of skill have good games and bad games. 
    "Sometimes you're the windshield, sometimes you're the bug." - Mark Knopfler (True That!)
  3. To say, thank you, to all the folks on the forum that take the time to share their knowledge of the game and to provide helpful tips about how to get better at the game. You folks do this selflessly, even with the knowledge that someday you may end up "facing the new gun in town." So a big Thank You, for sharing.

I'm not claiming that I won the game for the team. I wasn't even high score and I only assisted one cap. CV planes were doing most of the spotting so I only got 1 spot. Mainly what I did was survive until the points counter ran out. It was iffy at the very end. I was the last man standing and, after having sunk the CV, was alone in the game with a G.Cesare (who was high score on the reds and a vet with 12k battles). My HP was low and I was only 10k from the GC, in big open water. My detection was 6k but there were still planes in the air spotting me. Fortunately I had 1 smoke left and was able to ride it to victory.

I've learned from reading the forum that one of the primary objectives for DD drivers is to survive and to try to make a difference in the end game. I didn't rush into caps early, the way I've done many times, only to die early. I did move around and try to defend caps and help other ships when I could, without over extending my ship. I did make some mistakes and I did get a couple of lucky breaks. This time it worked out well. Thanks again to all who've shared.




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Good job! A long time ago, I was horrible at BBs, alright at DDs and CLs, and really didn't use CAs. Liked me some smoke, one way or another, and Minotaur being my first T10 tells of this. But reaching even that point wasn't easy.

These days I main BBs, not because I was good at them, but because I was anything but good, and wanted to be good. And it took a lot of work to become not bad at them. I quit like 3 times, once on NC, and twice on Kongou, each time because I just couldn't do it. Each time I quit, I did something else, refining different skills. Played IJN DD to 7, RN CL to 8, IJN alt DD to 8, US CL to T6 before they messed my favorite ship up, and then hated Neptune and skipped to Minotaur between it all.

But I wasn't any better at Mino. I loved Edin, but Mino felt worse.

This left me lost, and so I bought Kongou again. By the time I finished with her, I finally understood her. I finally got bouncing shells right. Fuso, I refined my skills and took a break. Coming back months later, I became a monster at Nagato, and stopped 7k xp shy of Amagi. I realized that even if Nagato felt perfect, Yamato played nothing like her, or so I thought. So I bunnyhopped about, trying everything. NC, Bismarck, KGV, poking the french, and eventually I got the perfect chance to find out once and for all what I wanted.

I became a turkey and I used each and every T10 BB save for the french. Conq felt uncomfortable, GK felt frustrating, Montana felt ineffective, but Yamato... Yamato felt 'amazing'. Not only because of the guns, but because her armor was a lot better than people make it sound!

And now I'm nearing unicum in Amagi, getting ready to begin the final stretch in Izumo.

I started terrible and became terrible. I used to always feel like I held my teams back, but no longer.

I truly knew I had gotten good when I first bounced a Yamato in Mo at 5km off. I baited a shot and took it like a champ, only to drive my own shells into her cheek.

So long ago, it feels like, that I was a detriment to my teams consistently. My stats remain in shambles, yet still I slowly rise, growing more and more with every game.

It gladdens my heart to see that I'm not alone in trying to get good, no matter how poorly one starts out. Potatoes unite!

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I was once a 48% win rate potato. But than I was told to "Get Gud or Un-install". This was so powerful it motivated me to become the player I am today with a 61.1% rate. 
Look I don't have problem with "Potatoes" or "N00bs" as long as they new and trying to be a better player.

Its the toxic captains who yell in chat with CAPS. Its the players who don't try to understand the game and won't listen when you try to tell them how things work. Or those window lickers who are hiding in the back avoiding the battle. The AFK'ers who didn't suffer a Disconnect. The trolls who kill team mates or themselves to screw the team. The Insta Message spammers. These players can get Fun and Engaged. 

So to all the Potatoes and N00bs; Be brave, continue to learn and improve. For one day you will no longer be fresh scrubs but legends who sail as brave warriors of the sea. 


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