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[AXE] Warriors of Valhalla

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Welcome to the recruitment page of the Warriors of Valhalla [AXE]

Our clan currently, and will always, consist only of battle-proven players who are wanting to participate in a friendly yet competitive atmosphere.

This is what we are looking for in potential members:

- You must have a sense of humor but also have a desire to win. 
- You must have at least 1 tier 10 cruiser or destroyer that you are experienced in, and is ready for clan battles (As of so far, only 1 battleship can be on a team so a BB only player is not as desired)
- You must have Discord or be willing to install and use it, since all of our members use our clan's "Valhalla" Discord channel.

We do not have specific number requirements on stats, however, all members must have tier 10s capable of clan battles and be proficient in playing them.

All members of our clan have a say in clan decisions and activities, and are free to speak their voice and opinions. We believe unity and freedom is a key to victory and camaraderie.

Message the following members in Discord if interested:



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As one of the officers in this new clan, its a breath of fresh air to be able to set your own rules and regulations regarding clan battles. As stated above this clan is competitive but its chill as well. We are not forcing you to play clan battles but we need all of the help we can get. Cheers.

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I could spin a tale, influencing you to join the Warriors of Valhalla and to share in our adventures as we battle on the high seas for Typhoon League. I might even be inclined to put your name at the forefront, of said story, as you lead us to greatness, in order to secure your intent to join our clan. But let's be honest, you want the truth. And the truth of [AXE], is this. We aren't some storied clan, with a long history of gaming excellence. We have no accolades to boast of (except for beating NoZoupForYou, say whaaaaaaaatttttttt).

However, what we can offer is a meme-friendly culture, active clan members, a great group of officers willing to listen, and a blank canvas for everyone to contribute to. If you're interested in helping build the notoriety of the [AXE] and to cement your place at Odin's table to feast and drink forever in Valhalla, then we're the clan for you. 

Naughtius Maximus

Centurion in the Roman Garrison

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