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Random Thoughts from Deep R'lyeh: sometimes Mick Jagger is my RNGesus.

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SO between gifts and the recent promotion to randomly (possibly) win a Santa crate, I've ended up opening seven of the little buggers, of varying sizes. I also won a premium Black Friday crate on a Twitch stream.

We all hope for ships, don't we? Admit it.

What did I get? I got no ships. So you can't always get what you want.

From the Santa containers, I got some Draconic flags (much appreciated; mine are almost drained, vide infra), some camos (never hurts), and a whole pack of doubloons. In fact, by the time I'd finished pulling doubloons out of these things, I had over three thousand. And I had just recently ground out the Benson. So you can guess where most of those went, don't you? :Smile_coin:

From the Black Friday crate I got 14 days' premium time, right at the moment when WOWS had dropped three semi-premium special ships with 19 point captains in our laps. I came out of THAT with 750,000 free XP and almost as much elite captain XP under my belt. So instead of a random Black ship that I might not have wanted (I know I'm not good enough to do the Asashio justice), I got to go home with the Musashi, which I did.

Proof that if you try sometimes, you just might find you get what you need. 


I'm gonna let Mick and the band take it home from here. 


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Stones....cool!  Back in my day in the early to mid sixties we fell broadly into two categories.  Beatles fans or Stones fans.  Beatles fans felt themselves more sophisticated and all while Stones fans were felt by Beatles fans to be more the "juvenile delinquent" types....unsophisticated bad guys.  Heh  Memories.

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