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Random Thoughts from Deep R'lyeh: so you want to spam some crates for flags.

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In the red corner, weighing in at one hundred and twenty six Canadian dollars, we have the Freedom Container 25-pack.

This pack is guaranteed to contain 20 of the basic Draconic flags (Dragon, Red Dragon, Wyvern, Ouroboros, Hydra) per box, though which lot of 20 you get per crate is still up to chance.

The price for 500 flags total works out to 25.2 Canadian cents per flag.


In the blue corner, weighing in at one hundred and thirteen Canadian dollars and forty cents is the Yamamoto Container fifty-pack. 

This pack is guaranteed to contain not less than 12 of the above flags per box, for a total count of 600, with a chance (of unknown magnitude) that any one box could contain 24 flags instead.

The price for the guaranteed minimum of 600 works out to 18.9 cents per flag, dropping to a minimum of 9.45 cents per flag in the unlikely event that all the box rolls give double value.


For those chasing Draconic flags and only those, the Yamamoto package is the clear winner.

Both will drop collection pieces which, if completed, yield credits per duplicate... but the amounts per package can easily be accomplished in a day of play and it is not economical to use this method to grind for credits primarily. The American collection, when complete, also gives a T8 permacamo for the Cleveland, worth 3000 doubloons. It is worth completing if you were not in the game when this collection was active, but only takes one crate to unlock if you are prepared to wait. The Yammy collection gives only the right to mount two flags on Japanese ships of all classes, but if you have both a temporary Ranked economic flag and the Military Month Contributor flag, the ability to fly both has significant benefits during Ranked battles at the appropriate level.


I did some calculations for the Bismarck boxes, but I did not cover either them or the British containers because both have a chance to give out either camo OR flags, and the British containers can also give out the newer Draconics (Basilisk, Scylla, Leviathan) and so the contents are not directly comparable. Nevertheless, the 50 Bismarck boxes give out 700 flags OR camo OR a combination of both for the same price as the Yammy package, and if the roll goes well you get a hell of a lot more. But you are more dependent on RNG for exactly what you get. The biggest British pack is less expensive but also smaller - $75.60 CDN for 300 items (flags or camo) in 15 crates gives the same price per item as the American crate, but the American crates cannot drop some of the Draconic flags the British ones offer while the British ones do not always drop flags and might always drop camo. It's your call.

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