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Vanguard AA

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So, got the Vanguard and decided as I play Co-op and we see a lot of CV there to go AA build as I usually do with ships that have good AA. The rating is 100 running AAGM2 and my Conqueror Capt with BFT/AFT. Good range (5.1km mid/7.5km long). Damage is low at range 82 DPS but seems decent at mid 495 DPS combined (could have sworn in game play it was 500 something???). So in theory respectable AA that should start taking planes out quite a ways out.

What I am seeing though is the long range guns seldom fire (I have an AA tracer mod) and even the mid range guns seem to fire slow.  I shot down 28 Kaga planes in the last game but if not for a Cruiser with me who had excellent AA I think the planes would have got to me with ease. I know the AA ratings are suspect but wow. 100 feels more like 50. 

Is there any place you can look up the AA ROF? Feels like a T9 or T10 CV would walk all over me unlike say NC (also a 100 rating) that can hold it's own even then.

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AA doesn't have a rate of fire. Animations remain just that - animations. AA guns creates a 'bubble' around the ship (dependimg on the range)of thates out damage pulses, a given amount of damage per second - for example, the STAAG mount outputs 25.4 damage every second.

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Her AA looks like Lyon's in range and DPS.  Far reach with okay long range DPS but the heart of the AA is about 5km.  Should be more than enough for Co-op purposes.  I used to troll CVs with AA Lyon and that similar layout.  While Lyon and Vanguard have good long range AA distance, the DPS is on the mediocre side.  Due to this, the AA is best for self defense.  You can help Vanguard's long range AA DPS by taking Manual AA but that is a very costly investment for questionable returns.


If you want to get into the weeds of AA, check the wiki entry here.  Most importantly is this part from that entry:

"Although the AA guns are assigned DPS values, it does not represent the amount of damage it can deal to enemy planes. Similarly, the survivability statistic for planes do not represent its hit points. The guns do not deal any actual damage, while the planes have no hit point pool. Instead, DPS and survivability are used to calculate the chances of shooting down a plane in a squadron. Due to this, AA guns can sometimes seem to do no damage to enemy planes, while other times they can appear to do massive damage."


Of course, all this is going to change with the CV Revamp.

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Well, I don't have any AA mods on her nor does my captain have bft/aft, still crapdown 15 midway planes, but only as they got right over me. Seems you can get about 2 or 3 before they drop, then you get a few more as they leave. I wouldn't bother trying to get her range out any further than for self defense. It's no Missouri, but it's definitely respectable, and any cv should be wary of it. 

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