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[Kill] is looking for a couple members to add our clan that are interested in Clan Battles, Ranked, Randoms, and 5 staring Operations, with a heavy emphasis on Clan Battles. We use voice comms, discord preferred. Currently battling through Storm League. We field a complete A team 100% of all clan battle days for the entire night. We are looking to add a couple more members to our A team due to RL events, wives, time zones, etc etc. We also field a B team most nights for 50-75% of the time at the same time A team is battling.  Adding a few A teamers will also allow us to rotate more members in, and through the teams so that everyone can complete their missions and get their steel. Send us your requests, PM me for info, div with us if you want to try us out!!!



What we offer:

  1. Steel: +5%
  2. Coal: +7%
  3. Post Battle Service: -15%
  4. Cost of re-searchable ships: -15%
  5. Free XP all tiers: +25%
  6. Commander XP: +10%
  7. XP per battle all tier: +4%

What we require:

  1. Age: 21+
  2. Adult Language
  3. No complaining the other team is cheating (this is the usual indicator that you need to improve your game play.(AKA L2P, get gud, you suck, etc. etc.))
  4. At least 3 T10s.
  5. Seriousness about clan battles and interest in divisioning up in randoms. (Sometimes we all like to have our alone time, divisions in randoms is encouraged, not mandatory.)
  6. 52.0%+ W/R (for those under 52%, recent W/R will be taken into account, my first 1000 games sucked also).
  7. Games played: 1,500+ (exceptions are for those that are playing a second account/new account (i.e. people who want to erase their learning curve play, AKA "STAT PADDER"))
  8. Ability to take criticism and jokes is a must. Ability to discuss after battle reports of what went right and what went wrong and how to improve.





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