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Hey all, having an issue with getting my in game voice to work. Its all setup in the options tab, boxes are checked, devices are listed , volume bars are up to max. When i enter games there is a box checked to use in game voice, and again it is checked. I have disabled firewall software additional to windows defender. I have listed WoWS as a trusted program to be able to go thru the firewall. When i enter a game and division, in a division with a friend, or with my clan, i can neither hear them, nor can they hear me. There is a speaker icon(white) in the lower left corner of my screen when i hit the hotkey, but the division speaker doesn't light up when i talk(hit the hotkey). i personally use third party voice normally, but i have been stumped so bad by this, i simply refuse to give up. Please help me before i lose what little hair i have left.

thanks,  cheddacheese_42 

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Check what default device is selected in settings menu.


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