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Bugs: CV test round 3

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While on the test server I found a rather interesting little glich that really was quite weird.

My DD was on fire and taking heavy damage when all of a sudden it went into a sort of spectator mode where the ship was no longer the camera focus but I still had some control.

Video linked here: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/342567216

After that, when I tried to exit the program from port none of the buttons responded to input. Had to force close WoWs.


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I had a somewhat similar glitch while on a CV.  I launched my planes and was under attack so I pressed the F key to return to ship.  I was then stuck at the ship with no controls working.  My planes flew around the map aimlessly.  I left the game by closing the window and returned through the launcher to the same scenario.  After a bit, I was able to get control back, but the battle was lost.

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