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UI improvement requests

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WG please add some more info to the UI to help new players and players like me that have an occasional life outside of WoWs

Specifically, in-game UI:

  • When I am flooding/on fire - mark on my health bar what my health will be if I don't damage con. (this would help new players who don't know that flooding will take off 60% of the health)
  • Put the shell velocity on the hover over for HE and AP buttons
  • Highlight when the shell speed differs from the other shell type. I don't review each ship I play before going into battle. 
  • Favor the alternative battle interface by default - once again help the new players.
  • Torps - show the travel time
  • show the angle to the ship targeted - not everyone can install that mod.
  • indicate if a friendly has hydro or radar on with a symbol over the friendly - this makes it easier in random for team play to coordinate hydro/radar use.
  • Over enemy ships indicate that why they are spotted (i.e. hydro, radar, detection) - this also helps new players

For the in port UI:

  • Show how the UI options will change the the in-game display with a mocked up in battle view.
  • Torps - show the travel time
  • Torps - reaction time for the torps - ie. how fast will the torps travel the detection distance.
  • Torp Acceleration - when hovering the commander skill show alterations to torpedo speed, total travel time, reaction time before selecting.
  • When hovering over armor layout show what caliber will over match
  • For AP show how much armor will the shell penetrate. This is important because different nations have different penetration rules. German, American, some IJN ships?? there have been so many changes here that I lost track.
  • A button to enable replays

Post game:

  • A "show replay" button so I can see the last few minutes of the battle so I can see at a reduced speed how I potatoed.
  • Cool 1

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My suggestions:

1. Tweak the after action report's first page to include Commander XP earned, just to the right of Free XP earned.

2. Tweak the Collections page so that uncompleted collections are always on the very left of the "collections carousel".


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I would be happy if I could search for a player, and not have to do it letter by letter to let the clunky ui catch up. Nothing like trying to give a complement Or sending out a division request taking forever.

Or have the big fixed were i have the division window locked in minimized form, requiring a restart of the game client to ready up the division.

The UI in this game is terrible.

Let's focus on fixing the basics before trying to reinvent the wheel.

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