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Ship Trials

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Not sure where to put this, but an Idea I had that would be awesome.

An addition to the game that would be quite awesome in my opinion is Premium Ship "Trials".

When a ship comes up on the premium store give them a chance to play as it for a set amount of time like the clan ships. Like at this moment the West Virginia is being promoted on the gaming center so giving players like 3 days to a week of time with it would give them time to find out if they like it enough to buy.

This would give a benefit to both WG and the Players(I Feel)

  1. For players like myself who can not buy every ship that comes out it would give them a chance to decide if it is a ship that I would like to spend money on.
  2. It would get players hooked on the ship, and make them want it even more.


Note: This is unless this has already started as I have seen 2 premium ships show up in game for a short time.

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This has been suggested several times.  The farthest it has gotten is the loaner premiums (Massachusetts, Indianapolis, Blyskawica) for lapsing players.


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