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Now i know why people hate CVs

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6 minutes ago, Skpstr said:

I'd feel like I had more defense with CE or FP and BoS or SI (or even Vigilance) instead of AFT or BFT.

FP will not save you if 1 or 2 would intact Torpedo Bomber squadrons get to drop on your side, now if you can shoot at least some of them down as well as doing some evasive action your chances of survival skyrocket. And if you are all that worrried about taking damage High Alert, Jack of all Trades, and Superintendent work great on BBs to help halt damage sooner rather than later and gives you the extra Repair Party Consumable.

But to each their own, and since OP was concerned about the planes attacking, having improved AA can act as a sort of deterrent f the enemy CV did not enjoy losing some aircraft to the BB, otherwise they may try attacking again and again.

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What I am curious about is the Tier of the CV that wen't after him?  All I can tell from the original post is it is a IJN because of 2 torpedo squads.  I am assuming it must be a Ryujo or HIryu.

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