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How about another Stainless Steel thread.

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Last night my kid wanted some "wire" to use for his clay modeling habit. I remembered a thing called "Mig wire", can't remember exactly what I used it for, but remember it being somewhat bendy but probably stiff enough to use for clay modeling. So I looked it up:

So, then I thought about Steel in warships, and the rumors about a buy-able campaign etc. Instead of giving out tons of steel, buyable or earnable, they could just lower the price of Bourgonge(SP? Lazy sorry) and Stalingrad by 15-25%? Then give out LESS earnable/buyable steel in the upcoming shin-dig? It's a good compromise, because it doesn't devalue the past efforts of competitive players as much, but will still make money for WGing. It won't inflate the currency as much. They might not make as much money in the short term, but it'll probably save profit in the long term since competitive whale spenders won't be as upset.





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