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Mac testing

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Bootcamp windows and realize mac OS is an inferior gaming platform that barely anyone seriously uses for gaming.

Would you like Honda to make their Accords 4x4 with great clearance for off roading as well?

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This is another incident of a Mac player making a polite statement and being pounced on by another player.    I know there are a number of Mac players in the game, but most don't speak up because of the attitude of many other players who use PCs.   Courtesy should be the order of the day for all of us.

I played World of Tanks and tried, but didn't like it, World of Airplanes and never had any issued with my Mac.   Then I tired World of Warships and loved it the best but have always had major issues.  Yet the only response from WoWs is "We don't support Mac."    Certainly, some of the issues in Macs used for gaming is the design and way Apple builds their computers and Mac owners come to accept that.    When I purchased my Apple it was to replace another Apple, that I still use, and was not into gaming.    I've spent considerable dollars in this game and don't mind having done so.    But to receive no attempt to address our problems is just wrong on the part of WoWs.    If no effort is going to be made to assist Mac players with these problems by WoWs then be forthright about it.    Simply say up front that Mac players play at their own hazard as there are issues in gaming for them and dealing with them rests with the Mac Player and not Wows.    Or perhaps suggesting Mac players not play this game due to the issues.

I do apologize for directly responding to the above comment by another player, and I truly don't mean as against THAT individual player.   I just want to point out the manner in which too many respond whenever a Mac Player comments or asks a little bit in return.    As for myself, I have a new PC on the way simply because I love this game and enjoy it in my old age.   But for everything else I remain a staunch Apple devotee as I've never (outside of gaming) had one crash as my old PC's always did.

I hope nothing but victories to all!

Respectfully submitted.


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@dbw86, what is worst is the OP was a first post by that user.

And I agree, it would be nice if Mac was part of the testing.  I'm not looking for more than a collection of issues, and documentation of the process if one is found to work.  "Presented with no guarantee that this will for any specific user, or support if it does not" would be quite acceptable for me.

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