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Based on Random Encounter's Paper Please: The Musical (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N1PAX1AprFM)

Disclaimer: I do not own the original music, and any opinions you see here are purely my own subjective thoughts (so feel free to spend your money however you wish).

I've managed to get some spending money
Now to see what I could use them all on.
Let's go see what premium ships are up
Pray tell me, why should I spend them thus?

Get some free xp
Kronshtadt is a good ship
And if Izumo's grind's too much then Musashi's for you!

Musashi's AA sucks
Kronshtadt turns like a brick
But against tier 7
They're quite overpowered
I'll buy doubloons to convert.

Look, Black Friday containers are now out
Let's go check what's obtainable from them!
Maybe much-wanted premium ships
Hopefully Wargaming isn't trying to be cheap

Just old ships in black?
No other changes too.
But there's a doubloon mission
And you'll need the non-black ships!

Wargaming needs cash
We need to make money
And in-game you can earn free containers!
My wallet will stay closed.

We the lords of World of Warships! Hereby add some new content!
Earn steel from directives
And a brand new battleship!
Glory to Wargaming!

Musashi and Kronshtadt will leave!
And Jean Bart's now in for coal.
Secret Santa crates are back
Two winter campaigns to boot
Glory to! Glory to Wargaming!

Now to browse the premium shop
What's this, there's an armada bundle out!
Sixty seven ships, that's quite a nice fleet
Seven hundred bucks, such a large fee!

But so many ships, Giulio Cesare too
There's more than a few tier two and three boats and Huang He too!
Please don't forget, fifty-seven percent off!
You know what, I'll take that deal.
Whaling to the extreme!

Here's the latest from Wargaming! We add two new collections!
Alexander Ovechkin
And the Royal Navy too!
Glory to!
Glory to Wargaming!

Hey! it's us, yes, all your tier 10 warships.
You can see that our service fees are high!
You are hemorrhaging silver quite fast!
Why not go and buy some premium time?

But perma-camos last quite a bit longer
Perhaps, but premium time applies to all your ships!
Which one should I buy? Both of these claims are true.
There're so many options for spending money!
Buy more ships or boost xp and credits?

What should I buy!


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I think Jingles nailed over the head in the recent mingles with jingles.

If you do a video about this song in WOWS style then I would watch it.

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Nice work.

Personally, when it comes to a song about money (something we all need if we're to play this game), this one would play in my head when I work to earn a paycheck to buy my monthly doubloon shipment.


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