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My first "hug" ending.

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7 hours ago, Soshi_Sone said:

He was kinda greasy and dirty....but what can I say...he was a Brit.

Nice to see the Anglo-American understanding is still strong and close. :Smile_teethhappy:

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In one of my Warspite matches, I held a flank against several ships until it became impossible for the red side to win.  A storm condition arose, and all that can be seen was the Red Warspite that was hounding me for quite some time.  I imagine the radio chatter went like this.

Me:  "Well, we are evenly matched at the battle is about to end.  Shall we end it with a bang?"

Red: "Very well.  Disappointed that we didn't win but your valor in holding my team off has been noted.  Everyone, secure the tea in the life rafts.  Helmsman set intercept course, engines ramming speed."

Me:  "Thank you for a fine battle.  Secure the tea, ramming  speed."

We each gained about 15-20k damage before the match ended.

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