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[WAIFU] Your Waifu is Trash

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[WAIFU] is looking for new members!


What is WAIFU?

We're a community on NA that's centered around anime and other weeb stuff. Whether it be in a division, operations, or lazing around having fun, there's almost always something to do or talk about. We don't consider ourselves the best players in the world, but as the casual elites, we're always aiming to improve ourselves while having fun.


What can WAIFU offer you?

  • A community to play with and discuss anime, games, and history to your heart's content
  • An awesome clan tag. Seriously. Who wouldn't want the tag [WAIFU]?
  • Poi


What does WAIFU expect from you?

  • The ability to use Discord and communicate in English
  • The ability to be mature
  • The strive to constantly be improving
  • Consistent interaction with the clan and its members on Discord



  • WTR of 1,000 or higher (1,100+ recommended) or PR of 1,200 or higher (1,350+ recommended)
  • Win Rate 50%+
  • At least 1,000 battles

Note about Clan Battles: We do participate in CB, but it isn't our clan's main purpose - Our main goal is to get as far as possible while still having fun. This does mean we take it seriously to an extent, but participation is entirely optional.


Interested? Join our Discord!



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For anyone interested in joining, you can contact anyone from the Officer roster of WAIFU in game or on Discord if you happen to join the server.

Good luck to everyone and fair seas!


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