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Wows removing six ships from the game. Unprecidented?

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The last update of the upcoming cv rework says they will be removing all the "odd tier" cvs; 5, 7, and 9 of both the USN and IJN. 

They offer "credit and freexp" as "refunds."

Anybody else agree that this does not seem to have ever happened before? The removal of entire vehicles from the game. The compensation offers nothing to consider not only the time and effort expended in the past, but also the inability to use these ships in the future. And what about all the hours spent grinding on these lines? We don't get that back. 

Something more needs to be offered if this is really going to happen. Nothing will really make it ok, but how about at least some doubloon compensation. If tier 5, 7, 9 ships are assigned average premium values of say 5k, 7k, 9k, it woukd at least take some of the sting out of losing our babies. Maybe give us cv players a little sign that you actually care about us. And how about compensating all the hours that we played on thise ships, much of it premium time, now lost in the proverbial toilet... I have over 1200 battles in cv, and win or lose I enjoyed every one of them. Now thinking about it just makes me salty af. So much time wasted carefully considering tactics and honing skills just to have one of the most enjoyable experiences of my life stripped away to be replaced with worthless creds and xp. 

We don't want creds and xp. We want our ships. We play the game to get ships. We buy doubloons get portslot, to get ships. 

Wg seems like they listen to the whiney crowd, I get it, bexause they have to. Now I am the whiner. Listen to me now. Chime in if you agree/disagree. Not gonna just sit here and take it because some squeaky wheels are too fing lazy to figure out how to play a ship with planes in the air. I play all classes and have never had an issue with cvs, whether dealing damage as one, or being dealt damage by one. 


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They're not going to remove them, they said they'll planning to place them in a second branch with different characteristics to the first branch...



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Actually removing ships isn't an entirely bad idea. The more ships in the game the harder and harder they become to balance. Don't believe me? Play a few game of WoT. 

With so many things being changed in the rework maby keeping the number of ships to balance small is a good thing no?

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They have removed ships before, generally when lines have been reworked.  Most recently, old US cruisers, but also old Japanese DDs, old USSR DDs, etc.   Not frequent, but not unprecedented, either.

Usually and predictably, they have done right by the owners of the ships removed - credits, captains, XP transfer, camos, etc.  I expect them to do the same with the odd-tier CVs which they plan to remove. 

In fact, if I understand correctly, they will be letting people who own the CVs NOT being removed to turn them in and get well-treated.  This latter is unusual, but is due to the nature of the extreme changes to the game play.  There will be some who liked the current CV game but who don't like what's coming, and they get that.

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