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Ocarina of Time Randomizer

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I found a nice little randomizer for Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time. What it does, is take all the items, and songs, and randomizes their location. But it can do much more; you can also randomize the items in the shops as well, as well as all the keys in the dungeons, and the Gold Spider Tokens. I have already done it once, but the nice thing about this: By changing some of the settings, and using a different Seed, generates a whole new experience. It is because of this, that I come to the forum now, because I am thinking of replaying the game, but have it randomized once more. With the various options available, you forumites get to help me create the randomized game.

There are going to be some things that will not be changed:

1. Spoiler: This will be generated. If I get stuck somewhere, I will be able to get unstuck using this. I will try my best to not use it.
2. Locations: All locations, and items will be reachable. Else it wouldn't be fun.
3. Man on roof in Kakariko Village, I know how to access him as a child, and will be using that trick. So the program will be taking that trick into account, when randomizing the items.
4. Heart Piece in Windmill, I know the trick on how to obtain without racing Dampe. So the program will take that trick into account when randomizing the items.
5. There are some options I out right refuse to do (like text shuffle), because I do not want to go through that hell. I want my play to be fun, not a pain in the rear.
6. Seed: World_Of_Warships

The seed, is simply because I am asking the people of the WOWS forum.




1.Kokiri Forest Open: Yes/No? <---This determines if the normal means of leaving the Kokiri Forest is open without need of defeating the Deku Tree. If set to No, then I can not obtain what would be the ocarina until Deku Tree is defeated. Even if Set to No, there are other means of leaving the forest, through Lost Woods.

2. Kakariko Gate Open: Yes/No? <---If Yes, I can access Death Mountain as a child without need of visiting Zelda. If no, then I must visit Zelda as a child first.

3. Door of Time Open: Yes/No? <---If Yes, I can access Master Sword without need of Song of Time. If no, then Song of Time is needed, which guarantees me an Ocarina before becoming an adult.

4. Gerudo Fortress:
-a. Defaul Behavior (must rescue all 4 carpenters before I can walk freely)
-b. Single Carpenter (only need to rescue one carpenter, other three already free)
-c. Start with Gerudo Card (Access to Gerudo Fortress, and Desert, and Training Ground, and horse archery immediately)

5. Bridge to Ganon's Tower:
-a. Vanilla (Light arrows, and both Shadow and Spirit Medallions)
-b. All Dungeons (All dungeons, including those as a child, must be completed)
-c. All Medallions (spiritual stones are not needed)
-d. Open (automatic access to Ganon's Tower)

6. Ganon's Trials: How many must be beaten before I can go face Ganondorf, a number 0-6, or Random

7. Bombchu's considered in Logic: Yes/No? (If Yes, then Kokiri shop, and bazaar will carry, and Bombchu bowling becomes with bombchus rather than Bomb Bags)

8. Dungeons have 1 Major Item: Yes/No? (If Yes, then a major item, such as magic, hookshot, or bow, or boomerange, etc. can be found in each dungeon. NOTE: Heart Pieces and Heart Containers are not considered major items)

9. Dungeon Quest:
-a. Vanilla (all dungeons are of Original Game)
-b. Master Quest (All dungeons are Master Quest Dungeons)
-c. Mix (Dungeons will be a mix of original, and MQ dungeons)

10. Kokiri Sword Shuffle: Yes/No? (If no, then Kokiri Sword will be found in standard location. If Yes, then I will need to find it elsewhere in the world, and utilize other items to beat dungeons as a child)

11. Weird Egg Shuffle: yes/no (This is the egg Malon gives you to wake up her father. If set to yes, then visiting Zelda becomes harder)

12. Ocarina Shuffle: Yes/No? (If yes, then Ocarinas are not in their proper location. If no, then Ocarina is given when leaving the forest by standard, and Ocarina is given after obtaining all three spiritual stones).

13. Song Shuffle: Yes/No? (If Yes, then songs will be shuffled in with items. If no, then songs will be shuffled amongst themselves).

14. Gerudo Card Shuffle: Yes/No? (If yes, then freeing the carpenter does not give us the gerudo card. Gerudo card is only needed to get access to Training Grounds. If no, then Card is given after freeing carpenters. Disabled if it is chosen that I start with it)

15.  Deku Scrub Shuffle:
-a. None (Except for Deku scrubs that give item upgrades and heart pieces, the items deku scrubs sell remain the same.)
-b. Affordable (will shuffle all deku scrubs' items, but the price to purchase will drop to 10 rupees)
-c. Expensive (Deku Scrubs' items will be shuffled, but they maintain their normal prices)
-d. Random (Deku Scrubs' items will be shuffled, and the price will be random 0-99. Can be more expensive than normal)

16. Shop Shuffle:
-a. None (Shops maintain normal stock [unless bombchus are considered in logic]).
-b. 0 Items (The shop items will be shuffled amongst other shops. 0 non-shop items will be mixed in, not counting bombchus if those are considered in logic)
-c. 1 item (1 non-shop item is added to every shop, not counting the bombchu that is added if those are considered in logic)
-c. 2 items (2 non-shop items added to shop)
-d. 3 Items
-e. 4 items
-f. random # numbers (randomly chooses 0-4)

17. Maps/Compasses
-a. Dungeon Only (Maps and compasses remain in their respective dungeons, but not necessarily the proper location)
-b. Remove (completely removes them from the game, forcing me to rely on memory of locations... request: don't put me through this if the water temple is capable of being MQ style. If Vanilla, I don't care).
-c. Start (I start with all maps and compasses)
-d. Anywhere (they can show up anywhere in the world, including inside an entirely different dungeon).

18. Small Keys: Similar options (minus start with) as Maps/Compasses

19. Boss Keys: Similar options (minus start with) as maps/compasses

20. Maps and Compass gives additional information: Yes/No? (Only works if the maps/compasses can appear anywhere, or I start with them. If yes, Compasses will tell me what medallion/spiritual stone is inside. Maps will tell me if the dungeon is MQ style, or standard. Works best if Mixed dungeon option is chosen).

21. Remove Ganon's Boss Door lock: yes/no (boss key to access ganondorf fight is not needed. Request: make me require the boss key)

22. Gold Spider Token Shuffle:
-a. None (Those tokens will only provide me the tokens)
-b. Dungeon only (only the gold spiders inside dungeons will have their tokens shuffled)
-c. ALL (I better get to work finding all 100 gold spiders and kill them)

Detailed Logic:


1. Maximum Expected Gold Spider Tokens: 0, 10, 20, 30, 40, or 50? (determines possible location for MAJOR ITEMS. Creators of this program does not want a major item stuck behind the 100 token prize, hence why it stops at 50. 0 means no major items will be locked behind the token rewards. If you're going to have me hunt down all 100 spiders, might as well, make that a cool 50).

2. Night Gold Spiders with sun song only: Yes/No? (I honestly have no idea what this does, because I usually don't mind waiting around for the game to go night time).

3. Big Poes: Yes/No? (If yes, I need to go around and collect the 10 big poes that are across the land. If no, I can ignore them).

4. Child Fishing: Yes/no? (if yes, then there is a chance a major item is locked behind the child fishing reward. If no, then that means I can pretty much ignore. Fishing prize has reduced fish weight requirement.)

5. Adult Fishing: Yes/No? (Same as child, but this time for the adult reward).

6. Skull Mask Reward: yes/no? (There is an area in the Lost Woods, where if I wear the skull mask, during the child-trade-sequence, I can be given a reward. if yes, then there is possibility of a major item being locked behind this. If no, then I can ignore the skull mask reward).

7. Mask of Truth Reward: Yes/no? (same as skull mask, except the very end of the child-trade-sequence).

8. 1500 Horseback Archery: Yes/No? (If yes, then there is a chance a major item is locked behind the 1500 HBA prize. if no, then I only need to do the HBA once).

9. LW Memory Game: Yes/No? (If yes, then after obtaining an Ocarina, there is a chance there is a major item locked behind the memory game in the lost woods. If no, then I can pretty much ignore).

10. Dampe Race 2nd: Yes/No? (If yes, then there is possibility that I have to race him a second time, and have the timer be less than 1 minute. If no, then I can ignore second race).

11. Biggoron reward: Yes/No? (The Final stage of the adult-trade-sequence, is receiving the BigGoron Sword. Though it may not be the biggoron sword once randomized. If set to yes, then there is possibility I may have to complete the trade-sequence. If no, I can then ignore).
-11a. Only if Yes, earliest possible item 1-10? (this determines what the earliest item could potentially be [not guaranteed]. Must be less than or equal to 11b. 1 is very beginning, 10 is very end.)
-11b. Only if Yes, latest possible item 1-10? (determines how late I could potentially start the trade sequence. Must be greater than or equal to 11a. 1 is very beginning, 10 is very end.

12. Child Deadhand without Kokiri Sword: Yes/No? (Only if Kokiri sword is shuffled. Requires me to use other items to fight deadhand, the boss of the Bottom of the Well, do you want me to potentially fight this boss without kokiri sword?)

13. Dodongo's Cavern, Spike Trap: Yes/No? (There is a jump that is possible as an adult, that allows one to skip entire sections of the dungeon, should that jump be taken into account?)

14. Morpha with only Gold Scale: Yes/No? (only if keys can be found anywhere does this option become available. Because of how the gold scale works, it is possible in a randomizer, that you can access Morpha, boss of the water temple, without need of iron boots, and only needing the gold scale).

15. Lens of Truth: (determines how soon I find the item)
-a. Everywhere (I am likely to find the item, before entering Shadow Temple, Spirit Temple, and treasure chest minigame. Only Bottom of the Well is ignored by the logic, as in non-randomized game, the LoT is found there.)
-b. Wasteland and minigame (Could potentially have me do the Shadow Temple without LoT)
-c. Minigame only (Possibly get LoT long after I beaten everything I would need it for?)



1. Skip Tower Collapse Sequence: Yes/No? (If Yes, then after defeating Ganondorf, I immediately start the final battle.)

2. Skip Castle Guard Stealth: Yes/No? (If yes, then after waking up Malon's father, and entering the hole, I immediately appear at Zelda)

3. Skip Epona Race: Yes/No? (If yes, then I do not need to race Ingo to free Epona; Once I have the song, I can summon her)

4. Chest Cutscenes: Fast/Slow? (If Fast, then all chests will be opened without fanfare. If slow, then chests that contain major items or heart pieces/containers, will have fanfare).

5. Big Poe Target Count: 1-10? (only if you want me to collect big poes. How many do I need to collect, to obtain the prize? 10 is default.)

6. Start with Scarcrow Song: Yes/No? (If Yes, then once I obtain an Ocarina, I can summon a scarcrow immediately for the hookshot.)
-6a. IF YES: A= "A button", D= "C-Down", U="c-up", L="C-left" , R="C-Right"; create an 8 note song, with at least 2 different notes (note: the song will be played extremely fast)

7. Randomize Ocarina Song Notes: Yes/No? (If Yes: Then the notes to Zelda's Lullaby will not be "C-left, c-up, c-right"x2. It could very easily be c-right,c-down,c-down,c-up,c-right,c-left... warp songs will be the most difficult)

8. Chest Sizes: Match/Default? (If Match, then the size of the chest will match the content of the chest. So a large chest for major items, and Heart pieces/containers, while a small chest for everything else. If default, then it will be hard to tell if I am getting a major item or not. NOTE: Default can be far more surprising because of the small chest containing major item.)

9. Gossip Hints:
-a. No Hints (gossip stones across the land will not give me any hints)
-b. Mask of truth (gossip stones give hints, but I need mask of truth to obtain those hints: Child Link only)
-c. Stone of Agony (gossip stones gives hints, need stone of agony to obtain hints: available to both adult and child Link)
-d. Always (gossip stones gives hints, and I can access those hints without need of item)

10. Clearer Hints: Yes/No? (If yes, then hints provided by the gossip stones will not be cryptic. If no, then cryptic hints it is. Note: only works if Gossip Stones provide hints).

Tunic Color Options: (these will be important later)


Kokiri Green
Goron Red
Zora Blue
Azure Blue
Vivid Cyan
Light Red
MM Purple
Twitch Purple
Purple Heart
Persian Rose
Dirty Yellow
Blush Pink
Hot Pink
Rose Pink
Blood Red
Blood Orange
Royal Blue
Sonic Blue
NES Green
Dark Green
Random Choice (Randomly Chooses one of the above options)
Custom (provide the RGB value of your choosing, 0-255 for each color)
TRUE RANDOM (can randomly select from the above list, or provide its own 0-255 RGB color value)

Navy Colors: (these too will be important later)


Light Blue
King of Red Lions
Phantom Zelda
Random (chooses from above list)
Custom (RGB color value 0-255)
TRUE Random (choose from above list or give its own 255 RGB Value)



1. Background Music:
-a. Default
-b. No Music
-C. Random (Could have calm music during boss battles, and tense music while in Zora's Domain)

2. Kokiri Tunic Color: See above Tunic Color list (Default: Kokiri Green)

3. Goron Tunic Color: See above Tunic Color List (Default: Goron Red)

4. Zora Tunic Color: See above Tunic Color List (Default: Zora Blue)

5. Low HP Sound Effect
-a. Default
-b. None
-C. Random

6. Navi Idle Color: See Navi Color list above (Default: white)

7. Navi Enemy Target: See Navi Color list above (Default: Yellow)

8. Navi NPC Target: See Navi Color list above (Default: Light Blue)

9. Navi Prop Target: See Navi Color list above (Default: Green)

10. Navi Hint SFX:
-a. Default
-b. None
c. Random

11. Navi Enemy Target SFX:
-a. Default
-b. None
-c. Random


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