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Captains: Family Ties

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Greetings fellow Commanders!

This is something I had always thought about due to amusing coincidence with my battleship captains: what if captains with the same last names were related? Based on their appearance, what would their family ties be?

I decided to delve a little deeper, and was surprised by the number that came up (yes, I know that not everyone with similar last names are related, and it's purely random, but it's still fun to think about).

If you're curious, here's the assortment of my captains and their familial ties:

First of all (and the one I noticed first) is Admiral Charles Brown, captain of USS Montana. His uncle, Captain Joseph Brown, is CO of USS Texas, and his second cousin is Commodore Matthew Brown, CO of... HMS King George V.

Still in the US, we also have Warrant Officer Brian Harper of the Smith, and his son, Lt. Cmdr Richard Harper of USS Helena (time skip because all the Smith-class were scrapped in the 1920s). There's also twin brothers Matthew and Kelly Ward, both Rear Admirals and captain of USS Massachusetts and USS Seattle, respectively (their icons are the exact same), with their cousin Cmdr Harold Ward in command of USS Wickes. Vice Admiral Maurice Reed commands USS Fletcher, while his older brother, Cmdr Lawrence Reed, is on the Clemson. Captain Maurice Dickinson on USS Kidd while his father, Lt George Dickinson, commands USS St. Louis. Finally, there's the Oakley cousins, with Cmdr Benjamin Oakley on Sims, and older cousin Lt Lawrence Oakley on Omaha.

Phew! Done!

... With the US, hahaha.

Since this list is going to get kind of long, I'll include the rest in a spoiler. If you like the idea, feel free to comment with your family trees!


Japan: Kaigun Daisa Taro Matsumoto on Amagi, his son Kaigun Chui Kenichi commanding Yubari

USSR: Kapitan 2 Ranga Gordey Grigoryev on Budyonny, younger brother Kapitan-Leytenant Oleg on Aurora

Germany: Kapitan sur See (both) Herbert MaurerTirpitz, younger brother Stefan on Scharnhorst

UK: Lieutenant Commander Joseph Attwood, HMS Emerald, younger brother Lieutenant Adrian on HMS Icarus; Captain Matthew Dale, HMS Lightning, younger brother Lieutenant Henry, HMS Black Swan. There's also the Dunkirks, father Jack on HMS Edinburgh, son Bert on HMS Cossack

France: Enseigne de 2eme classe Gilbert ClementJurien de la Graviere, son Aspirant Raymond in Bougainville; Capitaine de vaisseaus Antoine LarocheDunkerque, and his father Augustin, Aigle.

Obviously the Halloween captains are clones, and while there's a "Riley" on both HMS Warspite and USS Saipan, they don't really share resemblance so I don't count it.



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In real life there were many relatives who served, especially in WWII when nearly every single able-bodied man (and more than a few women) was either in the military or building material for the war effort. About the only ones who didn't serve were tycoons and politicians.

The Pietkiewicz family of Pennsylvania had 7 sons serving in combat theaters all at once. Every single one returned home safely. 

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