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Looking for CB clan

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Ahoy Clans!

I am looking for clans that want to participate in the upcoming clan battles. If you have a shortage of players and want a good DD or cruiser player to join your ranks, Please let me know!

You can look my stats up and I am a good player, trying to learn and improve to get better and be close to that unicum level. 

I have gearing, Z-52, Daring, DM, Wooster, Hindenburg for clan battles. (i can unlock the zao too and put yamamoto as the captain, however he will be only level 15). I can play as a DD and cruiser as I am good in both type of ships. I know how to handle my ships, and have 19 point captains. 

I want to earn steel this season of CB and would like to be an important member of a clans CB team. I dont mind rotating in and out so every player can have a go, but I do want those rewards. You can judge my performance based on my playstyle and I follow orders pretty well and support my team however I can.

Not looking for a huge clan as I dont feel I am at that level. Looking for small to mid clans with good players and who require a good DD and CA,CL player and who are serious about CBs

Please PM me on the forums and not ingame for uh... reasons LOL

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Easy Company 1942 looking for active players for next clan battles season . We are out to have fun and learn from each other.We will not be blaming anyone for mistakes, we just ask that you learn from them. https://discord.gg/gxkTYRG join our discord and have a chat.

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Hey bro ... love to have ya at 5d5 ... we are building our clan wars team now ... send app into 5d5 fifth dimension fleet ... and/or message '_Gem'


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You can check out Sea Renegades! We have reached Typhoon every single season, looking for other decent players that can contribute. 


Sea Renegades is Recruiting! Looking for active and competitive members, casuals are alright too :)-

Clan Wars is starting soon and we are looking additional good players to join the Journey in making the Hurricane League! 



About Ourselves:

Sea Renegades is a well-established Clan, with a focus on clan wars(CW) and Div/pubs all year round. Our players tend to be good to exceptional. Members are 18 to 50’s from East and West coast. Discord is relaxed, but focused during Clan Wars. We are looking for similarly minded players. We are a mature group but also enjoy to have a good laugh! Sea Renegades is all about team work and having fun! We also play a assortment of other games too. If your looking for a competitive or casual play, don't be shy, come on discord and socialize with us out! 


Members of Sea Renegades receive the following benefits:

1.  A friendly, fun, and mature community

2. -15% to cost of purchasing researchable TI-TX ships

3. +20% free XP on TI-TX ships

4. -10% reduced service cost on TI-TX ships

5. +5% XP on TI-TX ships

6. +10% commander XP


Basic criteria for admission:

1. 1300+ PR

2. 54+% win rate

3. 1 TX ship with stats meeting the above requirements

4. 18+ years

5. Friendly and a team player


1. Contact via in-game chat, forums, and website :






Admirals and Officers





2. Discord address and application info :   Download discord desktop application, put discord server address into ADD SERVER.

If you're interested, join our discord server ( https://discord.gg/Pnm6dB8 ) to receive a friendly welcome and contact @FreshSqueezed or @Buckeyefan21x for additional information about our recruitment process.


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