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Inventory Bug

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When I was selling signals, I noticed the inventory panel would let me sell more camouflages than the amount showing up in the ship camouflage panel and more than were on the account. This might be exploitable for extra credits and should be fixed. Attached are screenshots of the camouflage in both inventory and ship camouflage panels. Before selling camouflages, I had sold my Myoko to purchase the Mogami. This included selling the ship and all upgrades and moving the captain to reserve. I was selling the camouflage but the spinning circle wouldn't go away. Closing the inventory added the credits to the account but no notification of camouflage sold in the notification box. Reopening the inventory showed the camouflage still having the previous amount before the attempted sell. Currently installed mods from the Modstation: Live Icons, Detection Timer, Running Lights, Score Timer, Max Speed, DamageMeter, Regen Assist, Help Me, and Replay Enable.




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