Content SDK allows modders to alter ship visual models and textures.
Content SDK suggests that master resources for the ship are prepared prior to modding. To do this, you need to: Main link to our resources

1. Download 2. Unpack the ZIP file into "" folder. 3. "" folder put into "<game folder>/res_mods/<update number>/PnFMods". 4. Open the file "<game folder>/res_mods/<update number>/PnFMods/ModsSDKExport/" with Notepad and in the line

contentSdk.extractSources('SuperYamato', 'JSB018_Yamato_1944') Change 'SuperYamato' to your mod name, and change 'JSB018_Yamato_1944' to the modded ship ID.
5. Save changes and launch the game.
6. After the game is loaded "<game folder>/res_mods/<update number>/PnFMods/" will contain a new folder with your mod name (from stage 3), and it will contain all files neccessary for modding.
7. Delete "ModsSDKExport" folder from "<game folder>/res_mods/<update number>/PnFMods/".
8. Add to your new mod folder a text file with name. It should contain

contentSdk.registerShipMod('JSB018_Yamato_1944') Of course, you should insert the modded ship ID instead of 'JSB018_Yamato_1944'.

9. Done! Now, your modded textures and models will be shown in the game!