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Disappearing enemy ships

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Have repeatedly seen enemy ships disappear from view (no smoke screen involved), then reappear to fire weapons and torpedoes.

They disappear before my shells hit and no hits recorded. Seems impossible to win ranked battles against such enemies. What gives?

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Every ship has a concealment factor, in large part decided by their mast height. These stats are visible in port. This is to simulate the curvature of the earth. Good players know how to work with their concealment.

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I might also add to what @Lert said, that when a ship fires, its concealment range expands to its firing range, which will last for 20 seconds as long as that ship does not fire again.  So what you are seeing is either ships slipping in and out of that concealment range, in the case of torpedoes (firing these do not affect concealment), or a ship that is concealed is firing, thereby making itself visible for at least 20 seconds.

You should definitely familiarize yourself with your own ship's concealment ranges so you can learn to exploit them as well.  Also, in game there is a gear icon above the mini-map that will allow you to toggle on/off a depiction of your concealment bubble, as well as other indicators.  You should have this toggled on in order to be more aware of your own concealment area.

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