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Public Test 0.7.11 - Round 2 - Feedback

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Start - November 8, 2018 - 11:30AM ET(08:30AM PT)

End - November 12, 2018 - 08:00AM ET(05:00AM PT)


We invite you to visit the Public Test server and familiarize yourself with the Update 0.7.11 Bulletin!

We are happy to present you with the Developer Bulletin for Update 0.7.11. The coming update crowns the British arc, bringing plenty of new and exciting novelties to World of Warships. You will have a whole new month of the Royal Navy event with the Royal Navy Destroyers collection, the continuation of Halloween in the "Twilight Battle", and improved game mechanics and modified visuals for the "Thunderstorm Front"!

IMPORTANT!  Because the update is still being tested, the information in this Bulletin is tentative and reflects the state of game development at the time of its publication. Changes and new features may be removed entirely or implemented differently by the time the update goes live. Screenshots, specific values of certain characteristics, and details of in-game mechanics will not necessarily be relevant once the update has been released. 

Royal Navy and the British Collection



British destroyers are prowling the arena as the Royal Navy event reaches its end. The upcoming version of the game will comprise three final stages of the event, with each Stage consisting of four Directives in which you need to complete a specified number of missions. Having completed a Stage, Directive, or mission, you will receive appropriate rewards that include game items, Guineas, or the new British containers. You can complete the missions simultaneously and in any number of battles, unless otherwise indicated. However, you will get access to the next Directive only having completed a certain number of missions in the previous one, and not prior to its scheduled opening. All Directives are available for completion until the end of each Stage.

In the great finale of the British arc, players will be offered to chance to complete the Royal Navy Destroyers collection, telling the story of the British Navy through the 20th century. The elements of the collection contain the emblems of British destroyers, episodes of battles and operations, and camouflage schemes. The collection consists of 16 elements divided into 4 thematic sheets.

The elements of the collection are obtained as follows:

  • From British containers issued for the completion of missions during the Royal Navy event.
  • If you enable the subscription by ticking “Collecting” in the collection tab, which will mean that its elements can also be obtained from daily containers.

Step into action for the final Stage of the Royal Navy event, look for the elements of the collection, and claim your well-deserved rewards!


Twilight Battle



Halloween's not over yet! This time you will be able to fight in a new mode, and this time not against bots, but against other players. The battles will be held in 7x7 format on a familiar map from the "Sunray in the Darkness" Operation, with the main task being to destroy all enemies. But beware: The Filth is spreading and seizing more and more territory, and the safe zone is narrowing constantly. Beyond the safe zone, ships lose their HP!

You can take part in the battle on one of the eight ships of the Forces of Darkness you are familiar with from the Halloween operations: Razorworm, Ghoul, Octopus, Leviathan, Scarab, Steel Rat, Varg, and the ferocious battleship Rasputin! When the event begins you will have only three of them, but you can also obtain the others for your achievements in battles.

A nice bonus comes in the unique consumables for each ship.

  • Restore your HP by damaging opponents or avoid hazardous situations by halving your visibility.
  • Help your allies by providing them with an extra charge of consumables or turn your ship 180 degrees in a single moment!

And all of this is just one small part of the consumables list.

Join the Public Test, try out the unusual equipment for Twilight Battle, join the battle alone or with friends, and test yourself in the new format!


Changes in the Damage Mechanics



The testing of changes to the damage mechanics of AP shells continues, allowing the exclusion of rare cases when large caliber shells inflicted excessive damage on destroyers. This happened when a shell hit destroyers’ armor at an acute angle. The thickness of the armor allowed the shell to arm and cause considerable damage inside of the ship's hull.

To avoid such cases, we have introduced a limit on the maximum damage caused by an AP shell to all destroyers, with the exceptions of Khabarovsk and Harugumo. The loss of ships’ HP from an AP shell with a caliber of 280 mm and higher will no longer exceed 10% of the maximum possible damage caused by such a shell. Although 10% might seem like a rather small value, hits will still inflict significant damage to destroyers.

This change will also affect the interaction of destroyers with battleships and some heavy cruisers. Ships carrying a caliber of more than 280 mm will have to be more careful when choosing the type of shells to be fired, depending on the game situation. A close-range salvo with AP shells will still cause considerable damage to a destroyer, which will not allow her to "fly in" at an enemy ship and launch her torpedoes without much risk.

Considering the new mechanics, destroyers’ Commanders will be less troubled by the situations when an occasional volley threatens half of their HP, which would bring the ship out of active combat.

Besides that, there are certain changes to the mechanics of causing damage to bulges, secondary battery/AA defense, and fully destroyed parts of a ship. Now, when these areas are hit, the ship will receive guaranteed damage of 10% of the maximum damage that can be caused by such a projectile or torpedo. The new mechanics will reduce the number of cases when, despite receiving the "Penetration" ribbon, no damage to the ship’s HP was inflicted.

We are looking forward to your feedback about the modified game mechanics!


Other Changes

Thunderstorm Front



The Thunderstorm Front mechanic, which you have remembered since the test of version 0.7.9, is back!

As a reminder, Thunderstorm greatly affects everything happening on the battle: ships within the Thunderstorm ships have reduced viewing distance, lower detectability, and a shorter period of increased visibility having fired the main battery guns. Also, when firing at ships within the thunderstorm, firing accuracy decreases.

You can face this bad weather on the North (Domination), Hotspot  (Domination), and Islands of Ice (Epicenter) maps. The main difference between the new version and the previous one, lies in the improved visuals of the weather effects.


Map and Operation Changes


Four operations—Newport, Narai, Aegis, and Killer Whale—had their lineup of participating ships changed slightly. Besides this, some maps face modifications in this version: Hotspot, Tears of the Desert, Warrior's Path, Loop, and Land of Fire. These maps have been improved and balanced for both of the parties, making gameplay more variable and diverse for players.

Join the Public Test and be amongst the first people to try the upcoming changes in Update 0.7.11! Collect all the awards and share your experience with us!

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