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Thanx dev's for the use of the test server, in round 1, I had a blast, can't wait for round 2, tho I have to ask, how long before you pull the test server all together, I mean round 1 I only saw just over 700 NA? user's on it then it went down to like just over 300, of course I had to play every day, till there was no-one one to play, I mean just how long before you ask your selves " is it really worth all the time and effort going into it, if so few people even use it ?".

As a full time player, yes full time, not even a month yet with over 1000 hours,  OK I lied, over a month and more like 1200, yes I play up to 10-12 hours a day, I like the test server, because it affords me to use ship's that I may want,  or thinking about, all the stuff the Dev's give us to test, use, so we can give a full try, and being able to send feed back, all FREE.

Again WOW's and the Dev's for allowing me to use the PTS, thanks again.........

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The lack of numbers participating may have something to do with the difficulty in getting a email to activate a persons account.

After trying for more than a year I decided to try again last week and downloaded the test server client to my Game Center but after registering my account got no activation email.To make a long story short after 4 emails telling me to check my trash and junk files and contacting my email server I received an email stating I wasn't picked for the test server.This is after 2 years in good standing and over 13000 games from rank 3 to 10.Seems like the process could be a little less convoluted to me. 

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