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Bought the Molotov for a silly reason

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Just finished watching the movie 'Death of Stalin' and laughed my >edited< butt off.  Funniest part is that they don't even try to fake Russian accents - so they can be as brash as ever.

It funny that Molotov was on the 'Death List' the day after Stalin dies, and is somehow redeemed.  Michael Palin (from Monty Python) is absolutely silly..   Just as the real life situation was deadpan serious.


What's also funny is that this ship was named after him - when he was alive.  It was also decommissioned and scrapped before Molotov died.

That makes this ship unique in a rather silly way.


So I'm going to go forth and shoot some silly bots with my silly T9 AP...   and drink a toast to my new Russian hero.




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I may not use her much, but she's a favorite of mine. She's just so fast, easily zipping about and dodging shells while citting everything that gets in her way.

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Molotov has always irritated me because for some reason I always try to spell it ‘Molotove,’ because typical Russian ‘armor? what armor, Comrade?’ and because the gun reload is slower than flowing vodka that’s actually still potatoes.

What good are T9 guns when maps are so small you can still get insta-deleted from almost anywhere; trying to stay further away means you can’t support your own destroyers, and did I mention the reload is slower than mashed potatoes?

Budyony’s guns reload nearly fifty-percent faster at the same tier.

Mind you; I actually did pretty well with Molotov in Raptor Rescue, (before it was ‘fixed,’) but I’ve yet to see it be useful against real opponents.

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