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Random Thoughts from Deep R'lyeh: Fun with Math and Musashi.

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Let us assume that we have a dedicated player who, regardless of their skill, can play all day and get 37,000 XP to collect all three containers. Assume they stop at that point.

Let us assume they use a tech-tree ship with no flags or special camo of any kind, so that their free XP remains at the 5% of ship XP earned (keeps the math simple), therefore a worst case of FXP accumulation for the given amount of play.

Let us assume they select "More resources" every time, and never obtain free XP; only coal and flags, which they stockpile. Therefore, a worst case for accumulation of FXP in containers.

Let us assume they never get more than one bag of coal per container and furthermore, they are not in a clan and get no clan coal bonus (i.e. 20 extra coal per bag).  Therefore, a worst case.


1) They will obtain coal at the rate of three bags, or 1200 coal, per day (assuming no clan bonuses). At this rate, they will accumulate the 176,000 coal price to obtain Musashi in 147 days.

2) They will obtain free experience at the rate of 1850 a day (37,000 x 0.05), and at this rate will accumulate 750,000 free experience in 406 days. In this time, they would have accumulated 487,200 coal, enough to obtain all three of the Musashi, the Salem AND the Okt Rev. Or alternatively, save the FXP for Musashi under these conditions and you can have all the other coal ships with some left over.

3) Accumulate FXP for the Nelson under these conditions (203 days) and any of the coal ships (including Salem) is yours.

4) For the patient, occasional player, earning just ONE bag of coal in ONE container per day (2000 XP) will get you the Musashi in 440 days.


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