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put all game controls in control list

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I find it mind boggling that in this game when I go to the controls tab, only the basic ones are listed. what about switch target, ctrl click to set AA or secondaries, there are others.  Using horn, commands, it just keeps going. We get these tips on using the other options but when you go to controls list ...nothing there...PUT ALL COMMANDS AND CONTROL OPTIONS IN ONE LIST.

seems really basic.

Great game and I love it. I hate radar should be removed and when you cut the flags from 5 to 4 in crates...I really resented you and still do...cheap motherf....

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I am with you on this!  WG seems to want to make figuring out how to do something with controls and where it is a big "adventure!".  That is why so many players come on here asking how to do something and asking where that something control is. Veteran players have mostly got it figured out (takes time) but for new players it's a task so they come on here and ask because it can be so very frustrating. ONE LIST!  I am with you on this and I am sure many others agree. 

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