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Universal Search Radar Module

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Here is a idea for a module that all ships can install Tier 5-10

I'm calling it a Universal Search Radar module that has a range of 10km and activates every 180 seconds for exactly 10 seconds. The reason why I think radar should function this way is that it gives you an approximate idea of where enemy ships are but doesn't stay on long enough for you to get off no more than 1 salvo if that. This would be player activated and would make the Radio Location Captain skill useful. When a player activates the Radar the player will be radio located by the enemy team but only for the 10 second radar sweep duration.

This solves a few problems

It would tell you where DDs are but it prevents from DDs being shredded by Radar ships so they can effectively execute their role of ambush and scout and screen

It would give BBs and CAs the incentive to push. After 50% of the battle against a DD is knowing where it is and then you at least have a chance

It would prevent radar cruisers from sitting behind islands from spamming HE and actually make them go out and spot

I think this is a better solution then the current radar modules and levels the playing field for everyone.




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Without criticizing anything else about this idea as I'm very undecided about it, there's no way in hell that this should be allowed on tier 5 and 6 ships, as those are WW1 era ships for the most part.  I suppose one might argue that tier 6 is possible, but not tier 5.

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DDs would just run circles around this. It would totally eliminate Cruisers already struggling to fight DDs with Radar.


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