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List of Radar Ships?

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USN cruisers T8 and up, 9, 9.5, and 9.9 (wooster and seattle at 9.5). Basically, if you're in 10km, you're in range.

RU cruisers T8 and up, forget exactly, but it's around 11.5km, but shorter duration.

Atlanta, Belfast, Indianapolis. About 8km range

T8+ RN CLs have the option, but have to give up smoke so most don't. A radar minotaur is scary though, 9.9 range.

T8+ Pan Asian DDs have option, also have to give up smoke.

USS Black, Ranked reward DD, very rare.

USS Missouri, 9.5km range (yes, that's a BB). Please, do not smoke up in front of one. I have radared so many people, have them pop smoke and stop, and then get nuked. Or the RN CL happily spamming you, doesn't realize you have radar until he's spotted broadside stationary to 9 16" guns. 

Alaska will also have radar.


That's it, pretty simple to remember, basically high tier USN and RU cruiser, Mo, and a few T7 premiums. RN and PA have option.

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USS Salem is a Tier X that only boasts the same radar as Atlanta, not the version typically asociated with USN Tier Xs.

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