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....new every day: the XP shown in the Victory/Defeat Screen isn't your final XP

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I've never noticed this before. First game of today. I checked the final screen to see what my XP was: 973.


....but when I got back to port, the XP in the game notification and in the loot crate slider was only 968. After a moment, I realized I lost 5 XP for team damage. It looks like XP for team damage is not included in the calculation for the final XP displayed in the victory/defeat screen, but is deducted from it. I always thought it was served up as a lump at the end of the match.....

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25 minutes ago, Taichunger said:

I've never noticed this before.

Interesting that you haven't, since the money you receive isn't the final sum that gets added in the top right corner either.

It IS, however, the amount that counts toward mission tasks, one of those fun moments when WG gives us the best of both worlds.

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