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SLOW instal.

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 Holy buckets is it taking a long time to reinstall the game...  Started doing it yesterday evening, and It's STILL installing.   I have nothing else running but my browser and a word processor.

  It's not my connection- I was able to stream videos just fine with no lag or interruptions.  (I've stopped doing that since the upload began)

  The only things different this time are the sheer size of the file and Game Center.   

It's always taken forever to install- and longer with every update- but this is nuts!

Anyone else experience this lately?

I uninstalled last week due to multiple issues and extreme dissatisfaction/burnout.   I decided to reinstall to see if that might have been the source of the game related stuff (it's helped in the past), as it's been forever since I installed it last.   I'm now kinda wishing I hadn't pulled the plug, lol- I was not using game center.

  I also thought about stopping it and retrying- but can't figure out how to do that.   Arrg- computers are not my friend...

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Try pausing the install and restarting it. I have found that will often kick start downloads.

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