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The Poll of CV's

What style do you like better, or wish for?  

39 members have voted

  1. 1. What style would you prefer.

    • RTS Control as we have now
    • Direct control as the CV test shows
    • Hybrid of RTS/Direct Control
    • Maple Bacon, if you like other bacon.. leave

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While the CV rework thread is going on, how about a poll to see what the rest of you think about the style change.  Haven't heard much in the way of the survey WG gave us in game. 


As I've said it multiple times in the CV rework thread, I've wanted something akin to Battlestations Pacific/Midway. I've seen some others who like the idea of Hybrid RTS/Direct Control. What would the rest of you prefer. 

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  • Boring 1

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I prefer the rework to the old RTS.  That said I would have much preferred full 3d game play like WoWp than the 2d plane controls we ended up with in the rework.  I can see the rework carrier play getting boring after a while.

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Some sort of combination. I think the strikes with the current system are great, but the rest I highly dislike and won't play. The rts version at least doesn't become boring by the end of the match.


Also, hickory smoked all the way my dude.

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It should be a hybrid of both. Remove manual drop and replace it with direct plane control. Rework strafe mechanics so it fits in with direct control elements as well for fighters. Let us use multiple groups at the same time but simplify their controls so it would entice players to directly control planes.

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If we have to change gameplay - Hybrid. 

Keep the RTS as is, but change manual drops that you control the one squad for the super accurate attacks. Solves the 12 plane point blank drop issue, adds a more action based thing for those that want it, offers variety and an ability to actually attack from 2 directions, giving sector AA an actual drawback in choice beyond set it to port and keep the planes to that side from the start. And would be less boring than an endless cycle of 2d flying a single group that might as well be on rails. 

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