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Thank You For The Win!

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I had a game on the North map this evening in the DeGrasse and was deleted a little after mid game by an enemy New Mexico. There were three team mates left. Two New Mexico BBs and a Lexington CV. They were facing their doubles on the opposing side. The two BBs on our team appeared to be a little inexperienced. We lost one BB, but managed to take out one of the enemy as well. The other BB appeared lost at to what to do. he/she pretty much just drifted at quarter speed trying to avoid taking hits. At least that is how it appeared to me as I watched the action. AddyJ, the player in the CV really stepped up. He/She maneuvered a combo or torp planes and bombers to take out both BBs leaving only the enemy CV. The remaining BB on our team, who was well ahead of our CV, continued to just poke along at quarter speed, not really trying to take out the remaining enemy CV.  We were ahead in points, but not by much. With less than 4 minute left in the game, AddyJ took the Lexington at full speed to the enemy cap and engaged the enemy CV with his/her planes and managed to win the game for us. 

I wanted to give AddyJ of the ACES clan a hearty WELL DONE! You carried the end game. Without your effort, we might have lost that battle. Clan Aces has an exceptional player and should be proud that they have someone who is very adept at playing the CV. 

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