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Why add Le Terrible???

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17 hours ago, Rednecks_Slayer said:

What "Superior" firepower? Are you serious? Didn't you look good enough at the LWM's firepower graphic?

Reading comprehension, my friend. I was talking about her design and why she's not a torpedo boat. That's how she was designed irl.

In-game is actually a fairly similar story, and that's largely how WG built her. Because she is really good at killing DDs.


You catch them out, hit speed boost, close on them at absurdly high speed (up to 53.8 knots), and then gun them down with MBRB. Five 138.6mm guns at 12 rpm isn't particularly good, but at 24 rpm (so, that's without BFT added) will easily net you a DD kill, even on a tier X. Khaba's less vulnerable, however, due to the armor belt that can shatter your HE, and if he angles he can bounce your AP.

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8 hours ago, Gunga_Dinner said:

Win rate is a terrible (no pun intended) stat.  I don't even really pay attention to it.  It is very dependent on how MM treats you, what types of battles you choose to participate in, and how well your team plays, not just you.  In fact, I would go so far as to say that your influence over your win rate has little to do with your skill in battle and much more with your ability to choose how to get your ship into battles (Co-op -v- Random -v- Ranked).

I am happy with my stats overall in the Le Terrible, least of which the win rate.

Even more than the stats though, I enjoy driving the ship and fighting her.  Spending nearly half the battle zipping around at ~53 knots is just a kick in the pants!

Ludicrous speeeeeeeed!!!!!!!

Spaceballs !

LOve it 


Classic !


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