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Prinz Eitel Friedrich (From Development Blog)

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I may have missed this being posted already today, and if so, please feel free to delete if needed.

From the Development Blog today, on the same section as HMS Dreadnought:

German battleship Prinz Eithel Friedrich, tier VI

- The surface detection has been increased from 12.78 to 15.08 km
- The visibility after MG fired in smoke has been increased from 10.97 to 12.92 km
- The MG traverse speed has been reduced from 6 to 4 degrees per second
- The MG recharge time has been increased from 26 to 28 seconds

According to the test results, the battleship Prinz Eitel Friedrich showed too much efficiency in battle due to the low detection, MG fire rate and traverse speed, which were comparable to cruiser stats. For this reason, these parameters were changed to be closer to the values of other battleships.

Please note that the information in the Development Blog is preliminary.


I haven't ran into one in battle myself, then again I tend to stick to 10s most of the time if I can help it, but I haven't really heard reports of this ship being spotted much being tested, so I'm not sure where they got the vibe it was majorly overperforming or something similar. I understand the concealment is low, and it has a short reload...but with it not having the turtleback of Bayern, I was under the impression this was basically a balancing act. I can understand changing one aspect at a time or so to see if it will help, but this almost feels like a nerfhammer of epic proportions. Or, am I just completely misinterpreting half of this?


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I ran into one a couple days ago, its a damn strong ship. It was fast and sneaky and generally was pounding away on cruisers with impunity because as soon as he started taking fire he would disappear. It has somewhat low penetration guns with decent velocity with a at best concealment of around 10.5km, its a brutal anti-cruiser ship and a pain for BBs to fight because of its speed and concealment. I think they over did it some with Concealment, bringing it up to 14km would be good because 12.78km with CE and its camo

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