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Good BB for scenarios

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Secondary spec’d Normandie; especially if you’re good with torpedoebeats, extra points if you’re a consistently good shot.

New Mexico can be good. Passable secondaries, good torpedoe protection, and because shotgun.

Fuso sorta the same, but long ship is long.

Warspite, Queen Elizabeth, and Bayern are all good for having the heaviest guns at tier; but have fewer than everyone else, and can take a bit of skill to do well in.

I won’t comment on T7 battleships beyond saying the only one I really like is Colorado, and it can be difficult to do well with in Ops.

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All of them for T6!

New Mexico and Arizona have a heavy broadside, and good AP angles

Fuso has great broadside, range, and reload (good for long shots if someone misses an objective)

Bayern is good for brawling

Queen Elizabeth and Warspite are effectively the same for the purposes of the scenarios, as good snipers

Dunkerque and Normandie have excellent speed and handling for good movement to tank

Mutsu is probably my bottom pick, but the torps can actually find a use in close-range battles against dumb bots, and the guns are good


For T7, Nelson is tankiest, while Scharn/Gneis are the most flexible and Lyon has the best blap potential.

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Arizona is horrible for a secondary build.  Yes, I've tried it with a 19pt captain, lol.  The secondaries are just too inaccurate and too short range to do any good.  That, and you have to give up your main battery range mod for a minute benefit to your secondary range.  It's just not worth it. 

I think the only real contenders for secondary gameplay at T6 is maybe Bayern or Warspite.  Dunkerque may also be decent as well if you want to spend some money. 

For T7, Gneisenau and Scharnhorst can be configured for secondaries.  But, I wouldn't give up ASM1 on them for it. 

Secondary gaming doesn't really come into its own until T8 when ships have reasonable secondary ranges:  Bismarck, Tirpitz, Massachusetts, Richelieu, Gascogne.

I might have missed one here or there.

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Tier VI

If mobility and a lot of movement is a big deal, Normandie.

Otherwise, you will be ably served by Warspite, Fuso, Arizona.


Tier VII

Any not named Colorado and Nagato.

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For T6, Normie is a good choice unless its a plane heavy OP, the Normandie has terrible AA. I also like Dunkerque because her speed really helps get her around and her high velocity guns really help at nailing Cruisers and Destroyers


For T7 the only choice is Scharnhorst, she just does everything, great speed, fast firing guns, okish AA, manual secondaries make her beastly and she is very tough. Lyon is another good choice because great AA and her massive shotgun salvos along with decent speed

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