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David Jones Personal Quest

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In one of the Halloween Pumpkin containers I received the David Jones Quest, which for 5000 base xp, I was to get the tier 8 Mogami and squidface David Jones with 10 skill points.  I completed it this afternoon and I have received no reward as of yet.  I logged out and back in and nothing.  What do I need to do to get the ship/captain?


Nevermind.  I saw that the quest only gives the captain, not the ship (his specialization is the ship).  Please disregard.


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Further research on my part.

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Take a quick look at this:

Second panel of the linked post (click on the top line of the block) will show you how to turn on special content if you have it turned off, which the thread mentions is off by default.

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I got my David Jones and the octopus camo for the Mogami rite when I finished the personnel quest so maybe you didn't do the quest. I got my David Jones pretty much the same time you posted this topic on the forums. But I did not have any problem getting the stuff. I opened the pumpkin and it popped out the mission saying that I need to do it to receive the captain and camo.

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