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Gallant or T-61 in Tier 6 CW?

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Many people discussed which T-61 or Gallant will be the best Tier 6 DD because of their own characteristics. As a player who has played both Gallant and T-61 a lot, I want to talk about this and the choice will be yours.

The T-61 has much more Hit Points than the Gallant with no doubt. 

The T-61 has more powerful guns, 128mm with 15 shots/min.

The T-61 can reload fasterTorpedo faster than Gallant.

The T-61 has Hydro.

These are four main reasons for many players consider T-61 are a better option for Rank Games of Tier VI or Clan Wars than Gallant. However, in my point of view, these advantages also clouds  the drawbacks of T-61.

The first is the Spotting Range, the Gallant has the best Concealment in Tier VI, 6000 meter. No other Destoryers in Tier VI has a better concealment like Gallant. I know many people will argue that 100 meter will not affect too much since the T-61 has may more hit points than Gallant. I cannot deny this can be a fact. But T-61's turing circle, rudder shift time and speed are all disadvantages of her. This means that T-61 has a way less chance to dodge shells from Crusiers and Battleships. Everyone who has play Rank Game or Clan War before understand the majority of damage cause to Destoyers are not enemy Destoyers, but enemy Crusiers and Battleships. This also explain for me to think that T-61 has around 120% of HP of the Gallant does not matter much. This is mainly because of her Maneuverability are all disadvantages for her.

I know someone will argure, what will change or what is the difference of 1kt of top speed? In my point of view, the top speed of a destoyer matters a lot. 1st, with a higher top speed, the Gallant can manage to capture a key area faster since the Rank Game or Clan War faster since both game mode has 3 Caps, 1 for each side and 1 in the middle for both. With fasters captures, the Gallant will force the opponent team to make some the push or act aggressively. in World of Warships, defense or holding has the advantages than pushing with same numbers and skil

Just take some words about hydro. Yes, the T-61 has hydro, so what? You usually hit by a torpedo when you are playing a DD or you bring DFAA in Rank without CVs? If you do so, just close the web &  uninstall the game.

Finally I want to talk about Torpedoes. Can't be denied that the T-61 can reload the faster torpedo faster. However, the Gallant's torpedo hits harder and have a higher flood chance. This can be found of Wiki of World of Warships. More over, the only way for T-61 to DOT is launch both tubes sepeately, one after another. However, it can be imaged that  enemy ship will be much more cautious when they are hit by the first 4 torpedo. Thus, the chace of "Torpedo Impact" in the second 4 torpedo will be rater slim for T-61. This will be anoter story for Gallant. Gallant drop torpedoes to enemy ships tube by tube which means you can drop 6 or 7 torpedoes in the first wave. Most players will consider all torpedoes all in the water since any common people will not count how many torps are coming. Thus, the chances for a torpedo hit for Gallant with 1 or 2 left is relatively high than the T-61 because people will not consider they are coming. 

The "Tube by Tube" launch system Royal Navy use are much better than the normal spread. In many  narrow channels, you have to drop both 4 torpedoes in order to make a dense "Wall fo skill" of the Crusiers or Battleships can easily Torpedo Beat those metal fishes while you only 4 or even less torpedo for Gallant to complete the Task.


Thank you guys for reading. I am not a local English speaker. If you guys find any errors in English or my thoughts, just speak them out loud. :)

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