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My only complaint is...

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coming in a few seconds.  But first...


I was playing a random on the New Dawn map with my Emerald.  (I just like it, so sue me).  Anyway, I spawn near the "C" point in the lower right portion of the map with a BB and a Shenyang DD.  Off we go toward C with Shen in the lead, trailing along behind him and our BB doing his best to keep up but, well, T5 BB.  But he's not just hanging in the back, hes pushing up for all he's worth.  Naturally Shebn gets there first but in a heads up move he just skirts the cap and commences spotting.  First thing he spots is a Dugay.  I open up on him from cover, the BB opens up at range and this guy starts to run.  Then the enemy BB shows up with a direct los on me.  I smoke up and get the kill on the Dugay.  Then, still in smoke I start in on the BB but he can't shoot back because, ya know, smoke.  I can shoot at him tho because Shen has him spotted.  Well as anyone can tell you an Emerald vs a BB unless yoiu can torp him is usually a  fairly short affair.  The A  red dd pops up and I see him coming thanks to our Shen but he can't see me so I swing my guns on him and when he comes around the corner finish him off before he can even aim his torps.  Meanwhile the red BB is cutting and running.  I push into the cap and keep shooting my little guns at him as Shen continues to keep him spotted I was able to drop 28k+ on him before someone else sent him to the bottom.  Long story short I got the cap, 2 kills and a nice chunk of damage.


Long story short, all three of us died but not before we rolled up the flank, capped B and joined in the push on A.  Final score was 1000 to 70.  I know that sounds like a slaughter but in the end we had only 2 ships to their one.

As a nice bonus I received top score bragging rights, such as they are.  Now for the complaint. I was top score but Shenyang was second from the bottom.  Totally unfair as his game-play was the direct cause of our success on that flank.  My being able to shoot from smoke and our BB being able to shoot from distance was all due to our DD spotting his [edited]off.  That's my [edited].  WG, you need to find a way to award that kind of unselfish game-play. I complimented the guy but really, some kind of reward needs to be done for these players who give up stats and the chance for achievements in order to get a win for the team.  If it were up to me I'd split the flags, credits and xp   It just seems fair.


Anyway, shout out to QRob001.  Nice game buddy.  And thanks.


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Sorry I can't give you more than 1 thumbs up.

You explained exactly how a good destroyer player can affect the outcome by spotting.

And yes the rewards are not worth it. But if I ever get that kind of fire support, I keep spotting.

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Wait a sec, don;t DDs get spotting ribbons ?

Don;t those count for your final tally? I know caping does.

My feeling is this, any system which benefits the big guns (BBs mainly) but a lot (tier X for example) compared to any other class. Will lead to abuse of the system in a competitive game mode setting.

Regular battles, I mean if its established DMG is king, then it is what it is.

In this case, yes spotting helped No argument there. The more Over powered the ships are (regardless of class but especially BBs). The disparity of reward difference between ship class will only grow more noticeable. The question should be asked is,

  • Would that disparity gap improved if spotting was given more value ?

IMO no.  In the case, I don;t know if it would close the gap to how we feel it should be rewarded.

But you got the win. Congrats.    


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