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[SPRDS] Spoon Lords

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Welcome to the Spoon Lords!

The Spoon Lords are just a chill laid back group of gamers that just like to chill and play some WoWs. The average tier boats in our clan is about 5-7 with some people having higher. So we made a clan just so it would be a little bit easier to level up and so we have a group of people that we could play with anytime we are on. Most of us are 18+ years old but our clan doesn't have a age requirement we just ask that you be mature.

We are a new clan looking for more and more active players! At the moment we have 2 upgrades for almost every facility and this is why we are looking for more active players. Even though it's not much at the moment as a clan and a community we can grow and become a top tier clan.

Requirements to join :

1. Be mature

2. Be active

3. Just don't be a a**

What We offer :

1. We offer a Chill environment for people of all skill levels

2. Boost in XP with upgrades in our building

3. Just a overall better experience playing Wows

Extra Information :

If you are not active you will be kicked after 14 days of inactivity unless a officer is notified ( we are flexible everyone has a real life )

If you want in the clan you can either look us up, message either LaxBr0s or Atlas104 on WoWs or Join our Discord and Message one of the Admins ( https://discord.gg/CsZBzQb )

Even if you don't end of joining I appreciate you giving us the time of day and Good luck to you see you out on the open sea!   

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