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Breast Cancer Awareness Month

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I'm not sure how many women play this game, but given the average gamer physique, I can see where it might be important.

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Privateers, Modder
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Hah! That pun.

A dear friend of mine died of breast cancer a few years back. She opted to let it take her as she used to be a nurse and was fully aware of the struggle of treatments and therapy. So she instead set her affairs and died with class.
Becky was like an auxiliary mother to me, I'm just sad we weren't able to give her the burial she wanted; to be flown up to Northern Canada and pitched out the back of a plane for the wildlife to chew on...   xD

She led a full and rich life for over 60 years and died on her terms, her way. I don't mourn her loss, I instead celebrate her life, one of a crazy cat-lady whose home was buried in a jungle of vines and overgrown shrubs, who spent her retirement assembling mechanical parts for disaster-relief kits and being active in politics ranging from local to national, personally corresponding with members of parliament on the effects of domestic policy on lower and middle-classes.

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