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CV change

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WG if your going to make the cv change then take the time and go all out! Right now its take 2 planes launch torps, bombs, or rockets then repeat. It doesnt look like we can go up or down its just left or right.  This is going to get boring quickly as there is nothing challanging to it. 

Instead of stale game play try this:

Let us go left right up and down, this will give us the chance to set our own altitude. Taking your DB to 15k feet and make a real dive would fantastic. The DB would spot and be spotted.

The torps could remain low and be stealthy but would not spot much but could get in and out.

Give us fighters to control. We could set them as cap over the CV or ship or just fly around. They could be AI or we could control them.

Please do not make the assumption that you know what is fun for everyone. Some would love to just play fighter most of the game amd do air control when others won't.

Some want to pick there squderan size and so will wont a more dead brain play style.

As of right now from what has been shown it is a very static and dull play style. We cant pick squaderens size we cant pick the cv to move or repair. We cant even pick altitude. Its just left or right wow that was fun and engaging.

WG there is no rush to get this out. The only clock is on your end. Please take the time! Lots of time and add to what you have. Its a start but it need the World of Planes or Wor Thunder treatment when it comes to cv play. 

I understand that was the idea in the bigging then just do it. If you release it like this the splash will be short lived.

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