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The Great Eight Collection

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After submitting a ticket WG fixed these missions for me and I completed all 5 stages yesterday. So my question is....How do I complete the whole collection? The 5 stages give you 5 crates which is not enough. So basically now you have to spend to finish this? 

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I assume will be like previous collections, where you get (rough average) a new item a day if you open 2-3 containers.  So give it time.

I was impacted by the sign up glitch and just got my mission this morning, so I got impatient and purchased a single container to trigger the collection start.  Then I opened 3 daily containers I earned, and received 1 item from those 3.  YMMV but just do what you normally do and it will come.

**One other item, check your collection status and make sure it is set to "collect"...some have had issues with this being set to "don't collect" so if you are accidentally set there it would not help you finish the collection.  Good luck!


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