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CV Rework Fighter Suggestion

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I want to make a suggestion about the fighters after playing several games with the new CVs. There's definitely less air superiority in the sky since you're no longer in direct controls of the fighters. Currently there's a lack of fighter presence since it's just a consumable and 90% of the time I rarely encounter them. I think it's best to create fighter safe zones on objectives captured. For example, if my team captured A and B, then my CV will automatically setup a fighter perimeter around that area. If the fighters get shot down, then it will take approximately 1-3 minutes for it to respawn and fly to that flag. The benefit is that ships that know they are going to be targeted by the CV will attempt to retreat to captured flags and gain support from the fighters.

The only problem with this is that ships like destroyers who contest the enemy flag will be spotted which makes it way too difficult to capture the flag. Although unrealistic, I would say that fighters will not spot ships that are contesting the flag. Once the flag is captured, the fighters will leave the area and return to the CV or find the closes captured flag that has some planes missing. If you find it disturbing how fighters patrol a flag and not spot ships, then I would say that the ship will only be spotted once they enter the flag zone. At that point, the friendly CV will automatically send fighters to dogfight as the ship at the flag captures it. Of course, I strongly believe ships that attempt to capture these flags should be rewarded for shooting down the fighters in the area [assuming that AA has been reworked correctly, ships that have weak AA should have some sort of decent chance of shooting down a few planes and the rest will be finished off by friendly CV reinforcement].

It's just a simple suggestion, so don't take it too serious.

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