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Carrier plan damage consistencies, etc.

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just tested cv carrier rework and it seems the planes damages are not as consistent/reliable after hearing from ichase that torp bomber damage will ALWAYS be the go to. rocket planes are second and dive bombers are somewhat of a disappointment. also to note that the plane controls feel a bit strange and wonky at times. i strongly recommend that WG add a tutorial mode and or training mode for veterans of CV skippers or new players trying to understand the ropes of how the new CV works for the final build would be much appreciated thanks

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Had the link for two day now, and it’s taken this long just get the bloody client downloaded.

Still haven’t played because IRL, (tonight, that being an Alan Parsons concert.)

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I was pretty disappointing in the rework as well.

It doesn't do much to limit the effects of the skill gap, just offsets it downward. It trades one set of badly functioning controls (that if they worked right, would be fairly intuitive for RTS players) for another set of awkward working controls that aren't intuitive for anyone. The only thing that they did is limit the damage that CV's can do (based on the lack of an ability to "smash" a ship), and keep the less skilled players from running out of aircraft.

Torps work ok, the two stage attack works, first part the TB's drop down to make their runs, second part they actually drop.

The Rockets and Bombs use the same mechanics first you aim, hoping you lead the target enough, hit the fire button, then you have to re-aim hoping you can still actually get your cross hairs on the target and can still lead the target then attack. After that, you have to hope RNGsus smiles on you and actually blesses you with a hit or two. Rockets work better than bombs just because there's more rockets getting launched at once. For as unreliable as they are, I don't see why they aren't just point and shoot FPS style, your drop/launch circle gets smaller the longer you fly in a straight line, sudden moves make the sights balloon quickly kinda thing.

WG did deal with my biggest concerns, aircraft don't autolaunch, you can tell your aircraft to RTB in order to take direct control of your ship, and you can have a damage control. It still looked like the aircraft work like breadcrumbs and can lead people back to the CV, but that's not as bad as it could be now that you can control your ship, and the likely hood that you'll actually get hit by another CV isn't very high if you're moving.

In a weird, awkward, and just plain dumb way, I did manage actively protect another ship from air attack by inventive patrol fighter use (dumped them like a mine right in front of some oncoming torpedo planes, got 13 aircraft kills out of it) , and also used patrol fighters to defend my own carrier (recalled my bombers, immediately launched something, and dumped patrol fighters). So yes, if you work at it, you can still mess with the other CV.

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