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Paul Allen RIP

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With the passing of Paul Allen I feel compelled to say a few words to the community on what he meant to this Pacific Northwest Native. 

My two favorite sports teams the Portland Trailblazer's and Seattle Seahawks where both headed out of town if it wasn't for Paul stepping in and taking over ownership. I felt grateful as a season ticket holder for both that a NW fella was able to keep my teams in town.

Experience Music project without Paul Allen this idea would have never gotten off the ground. Being able to see Jimi Hendrix's 1962 Stratocaster is something that will be stuck in my memory forever.

Paine Field is home of some of the rarest warbirds ever. I have gotten to see the world's only flying IL-2 Sturmovik in the air as well as a former Battle of Britain mount of none other than Der Stern von Afrika Hans Joachim Marseilles 109Emil.

Then to top it all off over the last year or so we have all here on this very forum gotten to see the images of the Musashi, Helena and Indianapolis that his research vessel has found. 

With all of these things I didn't even need to mention Microsoft because the guy was so much more than that. 

I'm really gonna miss what Paul Allen was gonna be up to next.


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Yeah he did a lot for people. He was an example for how a Billionaire can give back to his community. 

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I appreciate his dedication to The Giving Pledge and that his attention to our environment was very clear so thanks for that Paul Allen brohan.

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All true. He was one of the good guys.

Many years ago, someone in Microsoft once told me a joke when I told him I had visited the Music Experience and the Sci-Fi Museum in Seattle:

"When your wife tells you to clean the garage, you do a garage sale".

"When Paul Allen's wife tells him to clean up the garage, he opens a Museum"


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