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Note to BB players in ranked:

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So I made it to rank 5 very easily (most players should be able to)

One big "little" thing I've noticed.  (and this is every ranked season not just this one)

BB driver (and to some extent Cruiser drivers).   This is not a matter of player experience.  This a matter of needing to throw the "BOOK" overboard.  This is not randoms battles with 12 ships per side.  There is no give!  With only 6 ships per team you cannot hold back.. you cannot "wait" for the better opportunity to strike.  If you do, the players that are out getting in the other teams grill are going to be quickly overwhelmed while you loiter behind some island or terrain and are not shooting at targets.  With so few ships once your team is two ships or more down from the other team that pretty much it.  Your team is most likely going to loose short of some pretty serious miracle working.   Its ranked and there is ZERO wiggle room.  It doesn't even matter what the ships are.  These are brawls.   The sooner you can bring your guns into play the better you and your team will do.  Point your nose at the bad guys and get stuck in!  And go down fighting.  There is no shame in that.

Feel free to check with the unicums you know and they will confirm holding is back begging to loose the match with so few ships in play.  The maps are small, engagement ranges are typically from 15 Km or less.  Long range sniping you can do but only if you can keep the guns firing.... and keep hitting.

I am not saying everyone YOLO, but you might want to consider it.   This is the most "equal" of ranked season I think we've ever had.  All the ships are fragile. This is tier V.  The largest ships only have around 45,000 HP and some of the DD's have less then 12k HP so it doesn't take much to sink them.  The cruisers are  the most fragile considering the size of target they can be and are are the only ships that can really be excused for keeping their distance at near max gun range.  I've seen quite a number of fight with no cruisers to speak of.  About half the fights have had a CV, but these are tier V.. Auto drop, small air groups and not a lot of spare aircraft.  Most fight are BB's and DD's.  Even the premium ships don't have the level of advantage they have at higher tiers over tech tree ships.  

You BB drivers you have the armor to take a hit.. To take a lot of hits.  And you need to be out there tanking the damage so commit early.  Yes you'll make mistakes.. So?  It's like playing baseball.. errors will be made.. your job is to capitalize on the other teams errors while minimizing the effects of your own.  There are no bench warmers in ranked play.

Any way end of the rant.  Best of luck out there, see you in match!

Warlord sends


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Agree and I'd add that you need to shoot at DDs, particularly the start of the battle. Even though you wont get a lot of hits just one or two is enough to ensure your friendly DD wins the engagement. 

If your DDs die you are then going to be faced with capping yourself and dodging torps with little warning for the rest of the match.

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2 hours ago, pinkship9001 said:

BB players? Good luck to them!


Maybe they need to put a hard cap on destroyers for sprint season two. :Smile_teethhappy:

Holy Mother of God.

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Is the team supporting the BB's? It does no good to place yourself in harmsway's if your teammates turn & run.

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