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My ranked proposal

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Ok I know there are several threads about ranked battles but I just wanted to share my idea. Since ranked is supposed to be about individual achievements then I suggest wg add in other ways to save stars if you are on the losing team. By that I mean that if you are in say a dd then to keep your star you either have to be the top xp earner on your team or you have to get so much damage, or so many hits, or so much spotting damage. Those are just examples and each ship type would have its own tasks. I would also suggest that the tasks be set and known for each rank instead of random at the begging of the battle. At lower ranks you may only have to get one goal but at higher ranks you might have to get several and of course the difficulty of the goals increases as well. Maybe even make it where if you complete your tasks and get the highest xp on the losing team you actually get a star. That would mean that those on the wining team could get two stars, one for winning and a second for completing the tasks. That part might be a bit much though. The point of this isn't to make getting to rank one really easy. Getting to rank one should be hard. This is about rewarding people for playing well even if there team doesn't. Well let me know what y'all think. 

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